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Transfagarasan Cultural Tour

Transfagarasan Cultural Tour: see why the Transfagarasan Highway is the best road in the world!

The Transfagarasan Cultural Tour takes you on the best road in the whole world. This is how the Transfagarasan Highway was presented back in 2009 by Top Gear, a well known British Show. Since then, many tourists came to visit Romania and, particularly, this highway. The landscapes are amazing, and the scenery, breathtaking. Of course, the history of the place is rich and you’ll be able to find out everyhthing about it. We are a team of professional certified local guides. We are ready to take you on the adventure of a lifetime. The road itself has a length of about 150 km. It’s closed during winter times, due to safety and security reasons. It tends to be rather windy at times, so precaution is our ally. Worry not: in the Transfagarasan Cultural Tour, we’ll take care of everyhthing for you.

Transfagarasan’s related attractions

Transfagarasan Cultural TourAlthough the highway itself is the main attraction, there are plenty side attractions as well. With the Transfagarasan Cultural Tour, you’ll have plenty of time for all of them. For example, the Balea Waterfall, and the Balea Lake. It’s a place of unbelievable beauty. In the summertime, it tends to be a little crowded. But you shouldn’t worry. You’ll travel with us by car, so you won’t need to worry about finding a parking space. The most spectacular part of the road is between the Balea Waterfall and a place called Piscu Negru. The actual driving time is between 3 and 4 hours. However, we like to take about 6 to 7 hours in order to make as many stops as possible. We want to make sure you’ll get enough time for picture taking as well.

Transfagarasan Cultural Tour is your best tour around

With it’s rich history and marvellous landscapes, this highway will leave you with beautiful memories. You’ll be able to travel with your own group of friends, or even family. The Transfagarasan Cultural Tour is also suitable for children. It doesn’t involve difficult hikes or walks. The road is full of various stalls selling snacks, drinks and souvenirs. It’s mainly an outdoor tour. So bring your friends and family with you. There are special group discounts available. This means that, the larger a group is, the less you need to pay per persons. So, where will your next trip be?

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